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Has anyone got any ideas of how to involve children in the evalaution of your provision i.e find out what they like/ do not like about your groups? I have thought about asking children to take photos and the happy face/ sad face signs but none of these really hit the spot and give the information needed! Any suggestions much appreciated!

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As part of FDEY we have been using The Mosaic Approach (Clark and Moss) I have found elkements of it very useful in getting the child's views


We have had the children take us on a tour of the setting, using cameras to take their pics of the likes and dislikes, also they very cleverly showed us their awarness of their boundaries eg one child while on a tour took a photo of the kitchen tell me 'we can walk through to get to the garden when the door is open but can't go in when the door is shur, we can't play in there!'


(to access our outside we do go through the kitchen area which is screen off for safely but he clearly undersood it was an access not a play area)



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Hiya we have a little book ( which we then add to their learning journey book ) which has questions the children discuss with their keyworker - it was adapted from the ofsted excellence website - if you go onto ofsted site you will be able to see list of questions for children <

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We also use the Ofsted questions for children, and each 1/2 term ask a group of children together to answer the questions. :o Some of the answers we get are quite entertaining but have been really useful too.

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Not sure if this is any help - I'm in maintained nursery and was given the 'Questionnaire for Children' to do with my nursery group. Because the Qs were aimed at primary children I adapted them and came up with this:


Do you like coming to nursery?

What do you learn?

What do you do if you need help?

Do you do things by yourself?

Do other children keep the nursery rules?

Do you feel safe at nursery?

Do you learn about keeping healthy?

Do you enjoy going to assembly? (we are a church school)


I have the full list of 18 Qs which I can post if anyone wants them; but, as I say, they are not particularly pre-school child friendly and needed to be re-worded.


The original Qs are for use in primary schools - there may well have been a separate one for nursery, but I never had time to look for one! :o

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