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Hi Everyone..


This question goes out to everyone who has studied the course E243- it has now changed to E214 and the questions have changed but still similar in a way i guess.


I am in the process of writing up TMA 02 + TMA 03


Tma 02 - Responding to a scenario



Tma 03 - Preparing for an interview


I am stuck on both tmas - as they both need to be handed together on 17th may.


i dont know who to interview, why and what to ask?


could some one help me pleasee...


i would be very grateful :D






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Sorry Lisa, I don't come in here as often as I should and only just got your PM. I actually didn't study E243 as I changed to U212, so couldn't help anyway. Did you manage to do it in the end? I hope someone was able to help you.


Good luck xxx

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