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Fs And Y1 Numeracy Lesson Obs


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Hi I am planning for a numeracy lesson observation next week. The theme is journeys we have done transport on land now doing on water.


I was thinking of doing a capacity lesson using water

HA (y1) to order bottles, guess how many cups to fill it and record (independently)

Y1& HA R to work with me to compare two containers using ou guesses and then finding out how many to fill them


then two activities set up where my ta can extend there learning

1) a bottles of special juice and problem solving has the pupper got enough to so everyone can have a drink?


2)we also have a car garage outside and was going to leave one bottle on "petrol" is it enough to fill the petrol how many more did you need


there will be other AI activites set up linked to boats include making a boat out of foil how amyn teddies does it hold, water play outside using bamboo and crates with leaves, twigs, stones to put in and watch how they follow


just seems to be something missing!

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