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Hi, i really hope someone can help me! On Monday i have an interview for a reception job. I have been asked to teach a class of 25 children (the ones that will be in the reception class from september). I have been told the following:


The topic is people who help us

It needs to be based on calculating

Children are used to free flow

It will be a 25 minute observation

Children are working between 30-50 months[/b][/b].


I am REALLY struggling for ideas for calculating, and i am also concerned about how i should plan it! I wouldn't normally keep my children on the carpet for 25 minutes, but I'm not going to be given the chance to go in and set up activities on tables and so i am unsure about whether i should be sending them off after the teaching on the carpet.


Also i wanted to take the activity outside, but i don't know what to do!!!


Hope someone can help me xx

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Hi and welcome.


Have a look at the patterns document.


Do not keep these children on the carpet for all that time, you have been given the clue--they are used to free flow. Also they are very young still, still nursery.


Will you have adult support? you need to devise some simple active calculation activities that children can move around and set up with help within that time, I think.


Hope someone who works with nursery will be along to help you.

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