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Trying to work my way through these two units struggling a bit as have only done a bit of planning at my nursery.Can i use work products to cover same of the pc's ,if so which pc's and what work products?Finding it all a bit of a struggle at the moment,can't see how i will finish it all by July.


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Hi Cathy,

Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit overwhelmed. First of all, have you read Sue's article on M7 in the NVQ section of Resources?


The simple answer to your question is yes! In fact, it would be virtually impossible NOT to include work products :D


I'd suggest you look at your nursery's current planning and see if it fits into a long term, medium term and short term structure. If not, how is it organised? Do you think you could design a more workable system? If you haven't had much opportunity to plan, could you ask your supervisor to join the planning meetings, or to take responsibility for an area of learning to plan in your own way?


M.7.1 and 7.2 can be covered largely with work products; planning sheets, for example. or Individual Learning programmes,

M.7.3 is largely observed, as it is about you working with the children.

M.7.4 could be completed largely with a reflective account of how you evaluate the learning experiences of your children.


My advice would be take each element separately, read Sue's article, and see how you go :)


Get back to us for further help, OK?

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