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I have a freeflow area of 7.5mx3m of patio that needs splitting into areas and nice ideas.


So far I have 2 modpods, a small pub bench, a table and 4 chairs and a raised planting bed.


I have got some tarpuling to make a canopy to make some shade and I brought some herbs for the planter.


I was wondering if anyone has some nice ideas for a small garden space, or can reccommend a website with ideas or has any photos of their own outside space.


thank you x


ps should I do continous planning posters for each of the areas on my patio??

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Well, I have worked hard on the patio today and its starting to take shape. I think I'll post some pictures once we are finished :)


We now have a very defined discovery area with potatoes growing and herbs too,


We decided that we wanted to use natural materials as much as possible, and found a few bits and pieces in the nursery garden that we could use :)

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