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Im Not Sure About This....


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At our school club AGM the head from the school always comes. Anyway, school club last inspected 5 yrs ago...eeekkk. School just been told that given that they are outstanding and have been for the last 3 inspections they will no longer be inspected unless there are complaints or results drop significantly. He then went onto say that as we are linked he thinks it is unlikely that club will be inspected either especially due to costs etc etc for OFSTED


I have looked at this years school clubs OFSTEDs in our area and each time one has been done the school they are attached to has also been done at the same time?


I just dont see that they will not do us because of the school. What do you think???


Must admit there are school clubs out there that were done more recntly than ourselves that have just be re-done so they definately dont go on that.

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Guest Spiral

Hi Marley,


I'm of the smae opinion as you - I have always thought that each setting is separate to the other - as has been proven by our last visit which was independednt of the school (we are a pre-school). However, there are rumours that next time we are visited, we will all be done together - I'd still be cautious and ever ready for that inspection though.


Hope that helps,


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