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I've had a request for this (short) half terms roleplay area to be a fishing area (I'm linking to minibeasts through 'The Pond'.) Has anyone got any new ideas- particularly for child choice PSED????


We will have tadpoles and a small tray of pond water to explore (diving beetles etc hopefully!)


What would you offer for child choice? I try to offer a new activity either indoors or outdoors for each AOL. I've attatched a sample of my CC planning!


Many thanks- I'm almost brain strained now; should probably go to bed!



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Sounds exciting, I love pondipping,


Just a word of warning and I apoplogise if you know this:-

Quite a lot of pondlife can fly - eg, beetles, water boatmen and pondskaters, so if your tray gets too warm they may fly off. If you are bringing your tray in on a daily basis for a short while you should be fine but I wouldn't leave it in the classroom, a tank with oxygenating plants would be better.

Also great diving beetles, water boatmen and larger dragonfly larvae can bite/sting. I have never had a child that's been bitten I think like bees they only bite/sting when threatened, but I have always been careful to warn children and teach them proper netting techniques and used plastic spoons to move the animals between trays.


Ideas - sorry I haven't any to hand at the moment have you looked in minibeasts in the resources section?

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