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We are a pack away setting and have recently gained some room dividers to make clear the different areas of learning within our setting. I was quite keen to get them but now they've arrived feel a bit scared to use them! They are mainly solid wooden ones with a couple of perspex ones. I want them to promote areas and not have them act as barriers stopping people from going into a space; so the space feels special not like I'm cornering it off!


Also, I've thought about attaching things to them to make them look more inspiring eg children's photos, letting the children pin their work up on them but am now wondering about art posters or something as a starting point. Can anyone suggest any good pictures if you'd use any at all?


Do you uses these or similar things in your setting and if so what have you found works best?


Many thanks


Suebear x

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Back in 1999 we were told by the almighty Ofsted we had to have room dividers in our large packaway sessions (no one else I have ever spoken to have been told this) But we have wooden mirrored and perspex ones.

We use them every day now, I use them more to define learning areas (again picked up by Ofsted 2010 and complimented on the use of them also EY Advisors send people to view how we use them)

I have got to say I would not be without them! they are so versitile and can be changed daily. I am a manager that just loves the whole 'packaway' session it allow us and the children to be creative, we soon learn what doesn't work!!


The children may move them to create their own areas (adult help needed for wooden ones) they create dens etc using voile/blankets to drape.

They are used to create cosy quieter corners ie book area

We also alow children to display their own work, I have used large pieces of card and attached it using bulldog clips for children to display their work or create a picture. Its all at child level and they love it. I believe in the children displaying their own work, I have also displayed photos I have taken while they are compling a piece of work this aids as a reminder to them and makes them feel valued


I have got to say i do not use them as barriers quite the opposite really (unless the need arose ie safe issue, have used them to keep children away from a flooded area)


Good luck use them well Ask the children what they would want on them?



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Cheers so much for your reply BigSue. I definitely don't want them to be barriers! At the moment the hall is just very spacious and I think they'll be useful I just want to get it right first time :o I think I'll do as you say and ask the children what they want to see on them.

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