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Hi Guys, need your help..


I'm doing Dpp unit 3, and I'm stuck on the last question (P10)! Which is to comment on;



"the effectiveness of your own practice in making the pre-school setting a supportive environment"



I need to make it around 350 words and I'm running about 300 words short!!!!!!


Its the external assignment so there are no guidance notes for this one.


I can only think to comment on things I do within the setting myself, like building a rappor with parents, helping with planning, training etc, but a lot of this is covered in the other 9 questions as my tutor told me to reflect on my own practice for those questions too so don't want to repeat myself! I need to try and extend this or think of other things they may be looking for in order to get anywhere near to full marks.


Should I be thinking more along the lines of the 'supportive environment' or is it just generalising, should I try and cover all areas from following policies and procedures, and health and safety to safeguarding children and good working relationships?



Has anyone done this unit, or can anyone offer any helpful advice?


I would like to have it finished this weekend cos i have a really busy week ahead so any quick responses would be much appreciated.


Thanks v much x x x

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I would think more about what makes a supportive environment in general, touch upon all factors, and then consider your own practice and how you achieve such an environment.



Clare x

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