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Minibeasts Plus Observation From Lea


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Hi everybody, hope you are all ok. Can't really think about school work right now as getting v excited for Royal Wedding. But......to keep us early years lot on our toes my head has announced today that she and our LEA advisor will be in next Weds to observe Early years. Great!!!!


So looking for some great ideas/activities for my lovely, lively reception class on good old minibeasts. We have already a tuff spot area in place that the hildren helped set up yesterday with NN. weve been on a minibeast hunt, which we will be doing daily at this rate, they are loving it. Was hoping for an interactive activity we could do. Was thinking possibly doing spiders next week. I have seen on teachers tv an EY consultant using wool attached to chn and they weave in and out of each other in a circle. i love the idea, but it wont last very long. Any ideas at all would be so very very appreciated


Popcorn xxxx

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Lucky you - 2 observing!


What do you think they will be looking for / at?


Are theycoming in to see a specific, such as challenge in provision / mark making or number across provision? Looking at a certain group of children - ability wise? Or how you use observations to inform planning? Also, how does what you do outside link with what you are doing inside - what are the children getting from the outdoor activities that aren't linked to your theme?


There are endless possibilities!


They may just want to see how much fun the children have! - but I'm sure they will have some sort of focus - can you not ask beforehand so you can plan accordingly?



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