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Can anyone recommend any CDRoms for recpetion? Our operating system was upgraded (good) and we can't use our old favourite CDRoms (bad). We do use the internet and have espresso and knowledge box, but would still like to know of any good ones. Thaks everyone :o

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Guest lou73

Are you using poisson rouge? Its a fabulous free internet site which is brillent and provides online games and activities here is the link www. poissonrouge.com.

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Millies Maths has is still popular with my Year 1s but we tend to use web based activities - they're (usually) free and can find something to suit your learning objectives.


Great sites that I use include:








http://www.kenttrustweb.org.uk/kentict/content/earlyict/ have lots of good links


If you haven't got a VLE - we have taught our children how to find their class folder on the network drives and how to click on the shortcuts (with different pictorial icons) to access the activities. Be selective as to which ones you want them to use and when (hide or move access to them) - that way interest stays fresh!


Would highly recommend keyboard climber to develop keyboard familiarity and dance mat typing - both provide fun way to learn a very useful skill.





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