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When Is The Right Time To Talk To Staff?

Guest Spiral

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Guest Spiral

If there was a concern about a senior staff member, which needs to be discussed with them (and it is of a personal matter about the tone of their communication with another member of the setting-not seeing eye to eye). When would be the best time to dscuss it?


If it is likey it will upset the member of staff, I will need to arrange a meeting with them out of the session time, which then leads me to wonder as to whether I should call it an informal meeting but minute the details or class it as something I could discuss gently during their appraisal. I don't think it is disciplinary matter, but I'm getting a bit worried.


Should I also have a committee member with me-and if so, how do I choose one that wouldn't do what previous members have done (inflamed situations and created a disciplinary by being accusational). . . hence my concerns!




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Firstly I would prefer to do it as an informal chat, but as I've been burnt before with these resulting in no action I devised a simple record sheet for this type of thing on which both of us could record the action to be taken and a review date. I would also like to say have someone else there but ask them to be a witness for the benefit of you both rather than a participant in the discussion. Perhaps they could record the discussion and let you both read and sign it afterwards?

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Hi Spiral


Would this be something that a supervisory meeting could cover? A record of the meeting could be kept, signed by both parties. Especially if an appraisal is not due and if they are an annual event. Perhaps you could start having interim supervisory meetings with all the staff? Do you have someone else present at appraisals?


A disciplinary meeting would require following a proper process (see the ACAS website).


It sounds as if this conversation would need to be had outside of the session times to enable you to discuss the situation sensitively and professionally.


Good luck

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