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Hi all you creative reception teachers


I currently teach nursery but have a job interview on thurs for reception - I have never taught reception but have been a TA in reception 5 years ago


I have to teach a 20 minute CLLD input on a topic of choice followed by 10 minutes interacting with children in continuous provision (which I don't have to plan)


There is 60 in unit but the focus group I will be teaching is 20 children






33% working below FSP 4

52% working at FSP 5/6

15% working at FSP 7 or above



any creative and wonderful ideas anyone????


Thanks in advance - any help greatly appreciated x

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My instinct would be to start with a story. 20 minutes is not long at all and if you don't know the children even if you know the spread of ability it will be very difficult for you to tailor your teaching to all of them. I have been doing story making with my receptions and absolutely love this way of teaching and if you are brave enough this would be a whizzy lesson for people observing you as well as being fun for the children. Basically you teach the children a story with actions (children are all standing up and copying the actions/intonation in your voice) so all children are active participants. You need to choose a story with a repetitive structure eg gingerbread man, little red hen, handa's surprise etc. and you need to know the story by heart before you tell it to the children. This way of teaching by the way has it's origins in teaching languages so would be ideal for your eal children as recognisable actions are attached to key words.


Or i would choose a story where at the end the children could talk about their ideas of what would happen next ie something like 'Nat fantastic' a boy who turnes into a superhero when he sneezes and has adventures, at the end of the story he sneezes again and they have to think about who or what he saves next. Or 'whatever next' you could take in a large box and they could think up their own adventure for the box after hearing the story. What about billy's bucket and you could take in a bucket filled with wonderful things that you could pass around the class for them to describe what was in your bucket.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll come up with something fab!



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Thanks Debs that is more or less the way I was thinking


I have chosen Muncha, Muncha, Muncha book it has repeated phrases throughout and I can put actions with it - my current nursery class seem to like it - although they were a bit sick of it today after the 4th time of reading it this week!


I know 20 mins will fly by - but I can't help feeling reading a book is a little dull on its own has anyone got any creative ideas for some phonics work????


Also has anyone used a film clip in reception in CLL - was also thinking of using toy story but not sure what to do with it - ie/ how to turn it into a 20 minute input - any ideas anyone???


Thanks x

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