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Help Please-gifted And Talented In The Reception Class


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Hi, I need some urgent advice,


Does anyone know of any tips or help available for teachers of children who are gifted and talented? I have a boy in my class who has finished most of the Early Learning Goals. It's not just a question of 'starting the year 1 curriculum', because , although he knows all the Phase 2, 3 and 4 phonemes and graphemes, over 300 keywords, is confident with numbers to 20 and beyond and has a very enquiring mind, he cannot physically write because his hand control is so poor and he hates recording pictorially. He has available to him an appropiate Year R curriculum, complete with plenty of opportunities to mark make, but despite positive encouragement, ANY activity with me suggests formality and restriction to him and he starts to scream and cry. He is one of the younger members of the class and has hightened emotions. He always bursts into tears if he is not in the first group to cook, for example. He can be badly behaved in that, although he knows right from wrong, his natural curiosity and 'joie de vivre' makes him break rules. For example, he likes to make funny noises on the carpet, run and hide in the playground and sometimes even tries to climb over the playground fence. He has 'been on the sad side' or even missed a bit of playtime, but, of course I know that's not the answer. His mum thinks I'm not stretching him, but he wants to be in complete control of his own learning. I am an advocate of child initiated learning, but I am also trying to prepare him for joining a Year 1/2 class next September where I know that, in our school, he will be faced with a much more formal set up in which the whole class will often be required to sit and write at the same time and there are no opportunities for sand, water or outdoor learning. I can see trouble on the horizon!!

I should add that I am also SENCO at our school and I am convinced that he is not ADHD or on the Asperges Spectrum.

All help will be gratefully received!!

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Guest tinkerbell

Interesting scenerio


I too have a child who joined us in reception able to read (she could read at 3 according to mum)from her reading she is also able to understand what she is reading eg we had been melting chocolate and making them into chocolate buttons......she said we must be looking at solid,liquids and gases I read about them in a book!

I also teach a group of year1 but she is very reluctant to join the group in activities that would be more appropriate for her learning, she will watch from a far but is starting to home in on things that interest her.

She too will burst into tears if things don't go her way'I am the eldest and so I should be the princess'


I have talked to mum about keeping the balance and the 'rounded 'child .She is well aware that the PSHCE side of things needs to be homed in on for the child to be happy and confident to progress through school.


I would say carry on with what you are doing, make opportunities for the child to work in groups,perhaps recording work on whiteboards, ( we have big chalk boards outside).....what are transition plans looking like? could child go for a few sessions (with a small group ) or could teacher take your class and get the measure ??



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Have you seen the publication Finding and xploring young children's fascinations. It is all about strengthening the quality of gifted and talented provision (I am not implying yours needs strengthening thats part of the title!!!)



Can't do that linking stuff I'm afraid, it is a DCSF document released March 2010. You may still be able to find it.



Yep just checked it's still there on the new website.



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