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I am setting my outdoor area into a farm next week any ideas?


I thought of rubber gloves and water coloured like milk in the water tray.


Nest making materials for tuff spot and chicks.


indoor role play area is a farmshop


I thought about animal masks for outside on stage


not sure what i could turn the outdoor wendy house into?


nee something number? creative and writing - perhaps easter cards

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For maths, what about a load of egg boxes and something to represent eggs (plastic ones or play dough for making eggs maybe). Could have numbers that they've got to match with the right number of eggs or cards with pictures of egg boxes containing a certain number of eggs for them to copy. You could also have some sums using numerals and pictures (e.g. 3 eggs + 2 eggs=) You could link it to your farm shop, going to the area and asking the child for 6 eggs etc.

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