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I am looking for some advise as yet again I am reworking my timetable. I have to fit in the following, maths everyday at a set time, as a child from another class joins,two ELS groups, a maths intervention group, and a speech and language group.

I have just planned it , so my TA takes all the intervention groups in the afternoon, which would leave me to run an adult initiated activity then,plus observe.During the mornings we are both in class, and have numeracy and literacy, in which one of us will be supporting at least one group.


Luckily I have two parent helpers, so they hear the children read once and change library books, but I still need to fit in two more individual reading sessions,spelling tests and word arks.


I am in a mixed R/Y1 class,and am beginning to feel the pressure that my Y1 are not going to be ready for the formal Y2/1 class, and the R that I am sending up the the same class, also aren't working independently yet (Yes I know there's a term left, and that's a long time - but I do like to panic)


My worry is that now that I have taken my TA out every afternoon, that is a key observation time that I am missing - but I am not sure how else to do it. Before hand, the children were in and out of different lessons, but I then decided that I wasn't happy that all the support sessions were in place of main lessons.


In an ideal world,I need another adult every afternoon - but given as that is unlike to happen - how does everyone else fit in all their intervention programs fro their Yr1s. And before you say, don't worry, they'll get their - they have targets, which without the intervention they might not meet, and my performance management is based around them meeting their targets. (not going into the targets for R, as that's a whole other issue!)


Thanks for your help, and sorry for my ranting/panic



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Its so difficult, isnt it? IM afraid I dont have any advice as such excpet that you can only do your best and you are obviously trying to do that.


We had some advice the teacher should be delivering the interventions as those children were entitled to the teachers trained suppport!(Not sure which world they lived in).


I think you can only try this and see if it "Feels" better but would it be more appropriate to have your intervantion groups at least taking place within some of your main sessions, maybe ELS wthin the literacy element of your day as that is what the children most need to move forward anyway? Can they adequately access the rest of the provision?

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