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Hi all


I am an nqt in my first term of a temporary contract, and have an interview on thursday for a permanent job at my dream school, and need to pull an outstanding lesson out of the bag. The activity is to teach a group of 6-8 reception children for 20 minutes under the area of knowledge and understanding of the world. I have lost so much sleep trying to think of the perfect activity, but none of my ideas seem good enough. Can anybody give me a glimmer of hope as getting this job means everything to me and i really want to impress!


Thanks in advance!

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i don't know if this is what you are looking for but if it was me i would play thumb pirates as you only have a small number of children and KUW is very open and lots about questioning and exploration.


Thumb pirates: children draw a little face on their thumb and you make up a story about a group of pirates the size of your thumb who have lost their ship. you can then talk about types of ship, what would they need ect. Children go go off and find things to build their ship, which they then construct (its ment to be done outside and the rule is they can only use natural materials to build te pirates a ship but i don't know what the setting is like, so they could se objects in the classroom/ outdoor area)

at the end children share with each other what they have created and what the different parts are.

you would then go around extending their learning, talking to them about what they have made, how they can extend what they have created, labelling what they are doing to extend language e.g. what great masts for your sails.


or have a science focus and do a science experiemnt e.g. theirs lots of ideas on forums if you search, discovery bottles might be a good idea.


it is very child lead but i see KUW as an area for discovery.

good luke with your interview


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