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Observations And Schemas In Children


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Hi there,


Could someone please help me. I'm doing an Early Years degree and we have to write a reflective account on 1 child looking at schemas.


1st of all the child I am looking at seems to have an enveloping and trajectory schema, he loves painting, playing with sand/water, throwing things, pushing and pulling things. Hiding under tables, going in the cars outside etc does this sound about right?


And secondly, we have to use two recognised observation techniques to get our data, Ive looked at a few books which mention:

- narrative/written observations

- checklists

- tracking

- sociograms

- histograms

- bar charts and pie charts

- event sampling/time sampling

- media techniques

- learning stories


I think Im going to use written but not sure on which other. Which observation method is best for looking at schemas and why?


Thanks alot

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Guest TinklePrincess

I tend to use narrative observations for things like this. It depends on the age of your child, I quite like Target Child approaches as well as time samples, which are basically types of narrative obs but just organised differently. I don't like checklists as I think from an academic point of view, it's not a qualitative enough piece.

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