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G&t Child In Maths


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After completing a problem solving activity with my h/a children I am amazed by the ability of one particular child....

The problem goes.....Noah saw 12 legs walk by the ark....how many creatures could he see?

The girl went off independently and came back with a sheet full of answers....she told me that 3 4's were 12 and that because a penquin had 2 legs compared to an elephant with 4 you would need to double the penquins compared to the elephants (hope you understand what I mean). I then extended this by saying what about if Noah saw 16 legs walk past the ark.....less that one minute later she had told me it would be 2 spiders because double 8 is 16!!!

Now I need to know what her next steps are.....what would you do to make sure she is progressing and she is challenged? What would you put in the continuous provision to make sure she is being challenged? How would you plan for her learning?


I have started counting in 2's with her is this right? Anyone know where I could find problems for her to solve?

Thank you advice really needed



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Wow that is a bright child! What age is she? What about her development in other areas of mathematics, for example shape, direction, position, measure, weight etc. I would concentrate on checking these first of all to make sure she hasn't got any major gaps in her knowledge that you need to fill before extending her number work.

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