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hello everyone, in 2nd year and all is going well...till now...

Part of this assisgnment(weighted at 20%) is to produce an activity plan based on a safeguarding activity to carry ut with the children- complete....

then it asks to critically evaluate strategies used in early years settings to promote safeguarding and the research to back up why we use them


Any ideas?? cause im really stuck xx

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What about the 'golden rules' you have in your setting to keep chidlren safe

eg. walking not running and kind hands no unkind hands

or outside of the setting on road safety and holding hands and green cross code!

or stranger danger etc ? or using tools such as scissors safely?

Is this the sort of things they mean?

we do them as it is our job to help protect the children and this enhances any expereinces they may have out of the setting. Giving them the knowledge and the tools to stay safe.

If it was road safety for eg. perhaps you could go on a walk and look at the different crossings and have a police person in to talk to the children. How did this effect them? perhpas have a parental and child questionaire afterwards on the impact if any your activities have had. Could you do anythign different? how could you include the parents and extend their learning?

Hope it helps or is it completly wrong tree Im barking at? :o


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