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Hi everyone!


Been a while since I've posted here, qualified as an EYP last June and been busy ever since!


I've recently started as an EYP at a Forest School and as part of the 3 month probationary period I will be observed 3 times by the settings seniors! I will have to plan and carry out an adult-led activity so I'm just wondering if anyone had any ideas for an activity that I can undertake. I work in the toddler room (18 months-36 months) and am looking for an activity that the children will enjoy but that is also quite straightforward.


I have considered making our own musical instruments, any ideas would be greatly appreciated!




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Hi, I would think first about what you want to achieve through your activity - come at it from the learning objective rather than from the activity itself, if that makes sense.


That way you can think 'what are the children interested in' and 'what do they need to learn' and put the two together to come up with a suitable activity.


Seeing as you are at a forest school I would also tend to go for something that uses natural materials that they can source for themselves.


This is a great time of year for planting - we've been doing lots of planting peas, carrots, etc. That can lead to interest in bugs so has loads of potential.

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