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What Does Your Nursery Session Look Like?


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Hi there,

Just looking for some advice as to what your daily nursery sessions run like.

We are open for 3hrs 8.30 - 11.30 then 12.30 - 3.30.

Over the course of the week what do you include in teaching sessions, small group work. do you have access to ICT suite? Hall for P.E etc and what do you do in these times?



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I am in a maintained nursery not a FSU but hope this helps.


9 -11.30 is morning nursery session


11.30 -12.30 is lunch club


12.30 -3 is afternoon nursery session


The 3 hour entitlement is made up with parents accessing lunch either at the end of the childrens morning session or the beginning of their afternoon.


We do have access to the hall twice a week........... once for each session.

Sometimes we use it sometimes we dont.

We wouldn't have PE as such we would just use the space in the hall that in a way that we we cant in nursery!

We might do sticky kids/ activate or have the balls out or have dancing........... we tend to use it as a way to familiarise the children with the hall and its size as much as anything.

We have occasionally had the equipment out to provide opportunities for using the equipment, moving in different ways etc,


We dont use the ICT suite........... if we are following the childrens interests I can't see how that would tie in to a child initiated day (everyone off to the suite) but then again I suppose I could think like that about the hall use!!!


Mmmmmmmm I think we provide lots of ICT opportunities and with only 2 staff at least half would have to go to the suite if the whole class didnt and I dont think it would be appropriate for our children.

AND given the amount of classes in the school I am not sure there would be space to get us time in the suite anyway!!


The majority of our day is child led/ initiated with a focus activity each day


I am not sure if this helps?!! :o

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As a preschool our sessions are offered as; 9-12, 12-3, 3-6 and a 9-2 session!!! lunch starts at 12.


We have free flow in and out all day apart from during lunch, we use the school hall twice a week and usually have the large equipment out. We also slot in two letters and sounds sessions a day and two adult led activities, these are done in small groups and are based on the children's interests! Can upload our daily routine late if you like x

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Guest LornaW

In Kent the EY team have this timetable on their website


9.00 - 9.15 Whole class teacher directed in-put (Possible curriculum focus, shared text/shared writing/mental maths/knowledge and understanding of the world etc)

9.15 - 10.15 Child initiated work (Indoors and outdoors available. Children make choices, decisions and carry them out. Adults carry out observations and interact as appropriate with childrProgression/challenge built into planning as and when appropriate for individuals/groups)

10.15 - 10.30 Tidy up time (Opportunities for children to sort, match, take responsibility and co-operate while tidying away resources) 10.30 - 10.45 Re-call and snack/milk (re-call gives opportunities for memory development & communication, language and literacy eg, remembering, explaining, listening, questioning, evaluating worSelf esteem is enhanced because children see that own, child initiated work is valued. Snack time enables children to work towards social, personal and emotional goals. Assessment opportunity for LSA if teacher leads session)

10.45 - 11.15 Teacher directed input (Possible curriculum focus, mathematical development)

11.15 - 11.45 Teacher directed in-put. (Possible curriculum focus story, poetry, singing, guided reading)

11.45 - 12.00 Teacher directed in-put (Possible curriculum focus, word work, shared text, shared writing, mental maths, social personal emotional development, class assembly)


Personally I don't think an ICT suite session is approriate for nursery children and if you look in Development Matters KUW you will see why. Also if you have good outdoor provision and space in the nursery the hall time will not be so important as the children will have opportunities for physical development within your environment.



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H can I jus ask if you are in a maintained nursery class as part of a school and if so with your hours starting at 8.30 and finishing at 3.30 do your teachers (if you have them in Nursery) mind doing these hours? We were sent a directive from our authority (Birmingham) strictly warning that under no circumstance were teachers allowed to work over and above contracted hours- also we would be working more contact time than colleagues in the rest of the school,


In answer to your question our set up is two sessions of children for 2.5 days each

8.55 3.10 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Wednesday a.m or p.m 8.55 - 11.25 or for p.m 12.40- 3.10


typical daily routine

8.55 registration

9.05- 9.20-25 family group activity

9.25- 10.45 - free choice (with focused activity or observations or supported child led learning)


10.45 outdoor sessions open till 11.30 (one group a day has a whole morning or afternoon in our small woodland do would be out there for about 2.5-3 hours)


11.30-12.35- lunch


12.40- 1.00 registration and family group activity

1-2.20- free flow

2.20 - rhythm and rhyme session

2.40 - snack and story and home

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Hi H

I'm in a maintained nursery and this is my routine (note: 3hr sessions and 3 staff incl NT):

8.45 a.m. welcome children

8.55 a.m. registration and input

9.15 a.m. letters and sounds (in small groups)

9.30 a.m. free flow indoor/outdoor play (including adult-led activity and cafe-style snack)

11.00 a.m. tidy-up time for two keyworker groups (whilst third k/w group has circle time)

11.15 a.m. storytime for two k/w groups (the circle time group then go outside for group game

as they have been sat for circle time and need to move about)

11.30 a.m. all children with NT for songs and rhymes/recap session

11.45 a.m. prayer and goodbye song


11.45 a.m. children who stay to lunch wash hands and get their snack boxes


12.15 p.m. afternoon session begins - note: children who attend afternoon only, arrive at this

time, however they join the children who have by now finished their lunch (or

almost) and getting ready for lunchtime play

12.45 p.m. children who are staying all day, plus others (very few) who arrived for the afternoon

session, join together for afternoon registration/input

1.00 p.m. free flow indoor/outdoor play


I do not do letters and sounds in the afternoons because there are only two members of staff with over twenty children and I feel that this is too many. Besides most of the children attended in the morning and have already done this.


I am not happy with the way the afternoon sessions are structured but, with only two members of staff, It is very difficult to offer all that is expected. With free flow indoor/outdoor play I need a member of staff outdoors. Indoors, someone needs to oversee the snacktime routine (even if just 'half an eye' is kept on this), play with the children, observe the children, lead an activity, clean up the paint pots at tidy-up time, oversee tidy-up time, deal with toileting when needed, deal with accidents when needed etc etc, update learning journeys :o


I'd love to know how others manage! Must start a new strand with this!!

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Whoops! Sorry, forgot to say that I do PE once per week on a Friday morning (although I have 2 slots) and I don't use the ICT suite anymore although I still have a slot which I could use if I wanted.

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