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Disertation On Transitions


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There are loads of other research articles, books etc around the subject. I did my dissertation on transition from Reception to Year one.

Hilary Fabian has written a great book called Transitions in the Early Years.

Julie Fisher Starting from the Child

Marion Dowling Young children's personal and social development.

The EPPE report, SPEEL and OFSTED have done studies too.

There is also more recent stuff too that you will find from the Great Google and Google scholar too for educational research papers and no doubt soon others from the even greater FSF will be along with ideas!



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I recently got a book called "Attachment in the Classroom" By Heather Geddes and whilst not specifically about transitions it is a very interesting read because there is a child in our class who is seeing the Ed Pysch, and she recommended it because of the transitions he copes with (badly) through his nursery day.


It might add another angle to your topic. . . that transitions are hard to cope with if there are attachment issues!


Good luck x

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