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Hi guys


Thank you for you advice to my question. But this may make things clearer. This is my actual essay title


Title: critically discuss the key issues involved in studying children and young people


Critical reflection on the process of studying children related to appropriate literature, including journal articles - 1000 words.




This assignment is written as an essay with an introduction, several main points supported by literature (including appropriate journal articles) and a summary. It is expected that all assignments will make some reference to the significant of ethics.



We have been informed not to apply this to observation that practitioners produce in settings, it got to be about research so for example it is important to study children because research informs new policy.

We have also been informed that we study/ produce research with children, for children, on children. Therefore I need to pick on of these and produce three key points.


So I hope this makes things clearer any help with be received with a big thank you as I have a mental block. If any one knows of any good books, that would be great.


Thank you once again :)

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