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Observation time again.......


This time looking at challenging the HA in maths.....I thought counting in 2's/ doubles was a good one.....but im struggling to think of a quick input which the head can watch......it needs to excite and engage all the chn......I have some high flyers but I also have 1 child who can only count up to 7......can anyone think of an exciting input for counting in 2'/ pairs that all chn can access.....


Thank you for your ideas


Sar x

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I have just done counting in 2's with my reception class they enjoyed count in 2's and everytime you say a number do a action e.g. clap, stamp,


i also do a silly counting song to the macarena (which my children have altered to macaroni)


2, 4, 6, macarena


8, 10, 12, macarena


14, 16, 18 macerana


20 macarena


at same time do the macarena actions, one action per number/ word, on 20 macarena just jump and clap.


hope that makes sense bit difficult to describe!



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We have been looking a castles soldiers princes and princesses so our counting in 2s song is

2,4,6,8 who do we appreciate

10,12,12,16 where have all the soldiers been?

18,20 the parties done and the castles empty.


They love marching round like soldiers and can be seen doing it during free play and on the very large playground at lunchtime.


Good luck

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