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I am currently doing my BA Early Childhood Studies.


My latest assignment is a leaflet (4 sides of A4) in which I have to weigh up different forms of early years provision in my area and make a persuasive argument which could convince fellow professionals or parents of the needs for particular developments.


This is driving me mad!


I was planning on writing a little about my local area and the different forms of provision with a short explanation of what the different types are. But thats all I've got! :o


I know there is a shortage of out of school provision in my area (only because I have been looking for my child!) but don't know how to start going about finding stats to back this up.


Any ideas would be greatfully appreciated!

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Local authorities have to have available a 'Childcare Sufficiency Assessment' every three years, if you google this for your borough something should come up, a new one due in 2011 for most boroughs, but latest you may get is 2008 (or 2009 in some cases) - this has lots of interesting information which may help you. Alternatively, your local early years team may be able to e-mail you a copy.

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Many thanks Sam!


Have found the sufficiency assessment for my area - and it's for 2010!!


Is it just me or can nobody else rememeber life before google?!


Thanks again!

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