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Birth to three matters is great - but you may want to read the booklet put out by Community Playthings.


It covers Room layout and spaces planning, equipment selection, development, types of play and their importance, and some tips for the architect, if you have having a new/rebuild.


You can read the booklet online Here

or request a free copy Here.


The booklet is 16 pages long, and if you are doing a training or something, you can get multiple copies.


I would love to know what people think of it!

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Having had a cursory glance at the download, I must say it looks very impressive! I have ordered a hard copy, plus some other bits and pieces which I hope will enthuse my colleagues!


Its a bit like one of those coffee-table magazines: lots of lovely pictures to drool over - if only we had more space/more money etc to buy lots of new equipment! (Not that I got the impression from my quick flick through that its a promotional brochure for Community Playthings - the content appears solid).


There's some good 'safe and stimulating' environment information, too: I'm going to review the booklet in more detail to see if it would be helpful to my next batch of IPP students.


My daughter is going GCSE child development next year - I think the section of age-appropriate equipment will be especially interesting to her!


So overall, I'd give it the thumbs up from my brief look.


Can't wait for my publications to arrive!



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Guest LucyQ

I've had a few of your lovely publications and videos. They are great.


I know you want me to buy your equipment, (and I have!) but I must say I always feel I've got the best quality product and service from you.


Thanks so much.


One very satisfied customer. :)

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:) Hi. Have had a quick look online and have ordered a hard copy.. Looks very impressive and am looking forward to receiving it. Thanks :)
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Well, I'm very impressed with your catalogue and the literature I ordered. Just got to talk the boss into it!!


Glad I don't have to wear those headscarves!!


Sue :D

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