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im currenty trying to do my EDE329 foundation satge of learning: issues and provisions assignment which is in 3 parts in on the second part



which is

Directed task 2:


A 2000 words written review of an issue related to early years policy of interest to


you. (Examples of such issues might include Inclusion in the Foundation Stage,


Promoting and delivering Quality provision, Professional status of staff working with


children, Working in partnerships with parents and professionals, the Statutory


curriculum guidance for the Foundation Stage or any other of your choice but


included in the course contents).


For the directed task 2 Describe the issue in no more than two paragraphs. Then you


should move to define the nature of the issue, describe its historical antecedents and


analyse the pervasiveness of the implications for early years practice in England



can any one offer any advice i have choosen WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP WITH PARENTS AND PROFESSIONALS!!!

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