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Im sure there is probably a topic already covering this, but cannot find it - sorry

Just interested to find out what you do for chns own assessment of their learning? We usually do thumbs up etc at the end and try to do mini plenaries etc. But as I work with focus groups - one at a time - I kind of do my assessment on them as I go. But should I be doing more? We have just been told that everyone should be allowing self assessment constantly throughout the lessons.....................?

Was wondering about having faces up and when they need more help, they can move their name onto orange/red etc - but we have so many already = traffic light systems (behaviour) and feeling faces (PSE). Was wondering about having faces on the IWB and they can write their name on the right colour if they are having problems - but i use it for games and as cues about what they can choose etc.

Is it all a step too far for reception?

What do you do?


Thanks in advance!


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