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I am doing the topic of Transport with year 1s. I know that there is a whole section on transport but entries were made a long time ago. I am stuggling to link PSED (already have road safety and safety when travelling) and CD. Does anyone have any inspiring ideas? :oxD:(

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re CD: as you can see our transport theme was very train lead by the boys


we read the train ride and then the children talked about and painted pictures of what they would like to see through a train window (we had real and imaginary) we used train shaped paper and drew the pictures as actual windows in the train.


we had a train station role play which consited of a ticket office and train. the children painted a train track on wallpaper, then we made a train out of open cardbpard boxes - the front being two boxes and a kitchen roll which the children painted and decorated.


as a background we had people waiting at the station we did this by the children drawing around themselfs and then adding decoration from our workshop area. we had string as hair and buttons as eyes some used ribbons to make skirts ect.


outside i put out a load of boxes and tubes and the boys made themselfs a train using up a years worth of sellotape but oh well they had fun!!


Also how about reading duck and his truck and talking about how the duck and his friends might have felt? its also good for small world as could experiement how thick does the mud need to be for the car to get stuck? / how could we free it?



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