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Help! I wonder if anyone can offer any ideas/ themes that I could use with my Reception class for an assembly to be done in May? My class have to perform for whole school assembly, with Key Stage 1/2. Our topic at the time will be minibeasts, but I don't have to use this theme.

I would like to use a favourite story as a starting point and develop it further to include paintings/pictures etc.

Any ideas/ thoughts would be welcome! Perhaps someone could suggest a suitable story- I am new to Reception this year!

Many thanks.

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As you're doing minibeasts, how about "The Bad Tempered Ladybird" by Eric Carle. It's a great story to re-enact as there is lots of repetition that the children can all join in with and of course the story has a good moral to it - that it's important to share. Different children could take on the role of the different animals in the story by wearing masks/head-wear that they can make themselves.

You could then talk about the importance of sharing at school and at home and let the children give examples or show paintings.


Good luck anyway. I know how daunting it is to do an assembly in front of the whole school and other staff.

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What form do your class assemblies take? We don't generally worry about a moral or religious slant for these, but concentrate on showing the things we have been doing and learning about. Every child is given a speaking role, we show pictures and/or artefacts the children have made, sing a song, maybe say a rhyme and give some general topic info.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a great book if you don't need a moral, and Cecil is a caterpillar is a fun rhyme.


Or, The Ant and the Grasshopper is another tale with a moral...


I'm there are lots of other ideas out there too :D

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Hi Mollywest,

I love using Eric Carle too Jackie A. We're doing our assembly tomorrow and using 'The very hungry caterpillar' to reflect our Growth and Change topic but we're doing a MOVEMENT theme (if that makes sense !) Any story with repetition or that the children enjoy and know well works.

We try and make our assemblies reflect our topic and get inspired by stories, songs and rhymes that the children have loved sharing, because then they will love performing them too !

Some of our ideas this time are

1) A small group doing a dance with a small extract of music where they are a caterpillar, go into their cocoon and then change into a butterfly


2) A rhyme '5 little caterpillars'

5 little caterpilars munching on a leaf,

1 little caterpillar takes a little sleep

This little caterpillar wakes up with a cry

I'm not a little caterpillar I'm a great big butterfly. etc


3) Some moving hands rhymes (I know a tenuous link but my class love these)

I hide my hands I shake my hands I give a little clap. I clap my hands I shake my hands, I hide them in my lap.


My fingers dance, and hide away, crawl them out and see them play. Slowly, slowly let them creep, fold them up and go to sleep



4) We usually try and adapt a well known song to something we have being doing

e.g. our last assembly on shopping after we had visited Tesco's we made up a Mulberry Bush version

'This is the way we fetch the trolley, fetch the trolley, fetch the trolley on the way to Tesco'


This time we've adapted 'Down in the jungle ' to 'Down in Reception'



5) This is a lovely song to finish with

To the tune of Twinkle, twinkle (you can tell I am totally unmusical, as most of my songs are to the tune of something else !


Goodbye everyone time to go

We will see you before you know

Clap your hands and turn around

Jump and stamp upon the ground

Stretch your arms and reach up high

Wave your hand and say goodbye


Make it simple and fun. Enjoy and don't panic ... they get easier honest !

Sorry I've waffled o, I'm in assembly mode !

Galleon :o

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Sounds wonderful Galleon, wish I could have been there! :D

And yes it does get easier, I never like it, it always seems so stressful and its always better when its finished(until the next time!) but it can also be very satisfying and the children enjoy it. At least class assemblies are better than the whole school assemblies that I have had to coordinate where one teacher has a theme that the whole school make a contibution to, Often you did not know exactly what was being contributed until the day or at best the day before in rehearsal---imagine linking that!! :o

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Many thanks for the super ideas for my Assembly. I do feel more enthusiastic now and ready to get down to planning it, using the theme of caterpillars etc. We are asked to bring some religion into the Assembly.


I'm sure the older children will really enjoy watching my little ones perform. I have some real characters in my class who are sure to please!

I have one little boy who is very confident and sure to take centre stage.


I will inform you how it goes!


Once again, thanks to you all!

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