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Lighthouse Keepers Lunch Psrn Focus


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Hi all,


Looking for some inspiration please! Am planning a PSRN focus on The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch- mainly looking at measuring. Any ideas please?


I already have Hamish the cat stuck up a tree in the outdoor area and they have to make a ladder tall enough to rescue him! Making different height lighthouses in junk modelling and construction. Comapring different lengths of string to make the wire for the food basket to fit between the lighthouse and the cottage. Comparing different lengths of food to fit into different sized baskets.


Would love to hear your ideas.


Many thanks :o

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Where I once worked, we rigged up some thick string between two trees, one tree lower than the other, with a bucket attached. The children put various items in the bucket and pulled the string to get it to the top. Lots of opportunity for PSRN language, quantity, sizes, estimation etc. Could you find to 'anchors' to tie string to in such a way ? Children really loved it, and it became a permanent feature in the garden.

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