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Hi folks

I am in nursery and about to deliver a presentation on stages of writing development to parents (in the morning). ALthough they have a handout with samples on I am just tinkering with the powerpoint and thought I could find some samples on the internet. However, I can't seem to locate any. I have the first 4 stages (1. random marks (scribble) 2. writing at speed across the page, 3. lines, squiggles and symbols 4. Beginning to write recognisable letters) but not for stage 5. Sound symbol correlation stage 6. Inventive spelling and finally stage 7. writing contains conventional spelling patterns.


Does anyone have a children's work at home that they could scan or photo and send me a copy? I know this is a big ask and it is all last minute- It came to me as an after thought- or failing that can anyone point me in the right direction of a web site that has the above?

thanks for your time reading this plea!


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