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Hi all,


I was wondering if anybody had any good ideas for a writing lesson I am being observed for. My learning objective is to use phonics to write.



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Hi Emily

I think your LO is too broad. Can you narrow it down a little and be more specific?

In doing that you may be more easily able to see a learning context and hence an activity.


What is your topic/theme at the moment?

Are your children working in phase 3 yet?


Good luck.

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Well my success criteria is to think of a word.

Use fred talk to sound out

Use graphemes to write


Some children are starting level 3 others are struggling to remember m, a and s!


I was thinking about the enormous turnip maybe

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Hi Emily,

I am doing talk for writing with my receptions and it has been hugely successful. We learn the story by heart with actions and the children then have a blueprint of words and sentences embedded which they can draw on to write. So far we've done gingerbread man and little red hen and after telling the story each day we then work on words connected to the story for the least able or sentences/part of the story for the more able. What is so fab about this way of working is that they know the story so well from daily practice that they easily have words and sentences to draw upon when writing. I would thoroughly recommend and this could be easily done with the enormous turnip as it is a repetivive story.


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