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This is a long shot but you never know...


I wondering to help reinforce my phonics that when i read a story at the end of the day i thought about linking it to whatever grapheme i had done that day in phonics or even using that story in phonics and play sound dectectives. Just trying to think of ways to make phonics less repeatative


so was wondering if anyone knew or had a list of stories/ poems/ ryhmes that contain the sounds in phase 3 or anyone suggest a book so i can compile a list

(ch, sh, ng, th, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er)


so far have come up with some are very loose fitting!:

cvc words: cat in the hat

ng sing a song of sixpence

bbc word and pictures has poems for ai, ee, igh, oa, oo

ee: brown bear, brown bear what do you see

ow: owl babies, not now bernard

ar: a dark, dark tail, shark in the park

ai: hair mcclary, the snail and the whale

00: dear zoo, I love you blue Kangaroo

ea: this is bear



thank you in advance


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sh-Sharing a shell

ai-Snail and the whale


We use this set to link by Usborne with phonics but as previously said we use these at a phonics time not story time and would point out the phonemes where as 'stories' we would tell at storytime


Phonic set

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Do remember though that you need to listen to stories for enjoyment and I do think this is important for that end of the day story.



I agree Susan if we are not careful children see stories as something to link to something else or, when they get older, to analyse whereas there is a place for stories for the pure escapism!


However emz321 linking your phonics in the phonics sessions is a good idea so 'Its Raining Its Pouring' and 'The Ding Dong Bag' both by Polly Peters.



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