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Star Wars Obsession Ho To Move Forward?


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Hi all,


Advice needed please.


Our current topic is story land and we have visited goldilocks and the three bears. As part of this story I provided the children with clipboards so that they could survey the rest of the children if they liked the porridge we tasted in class at their leisure (which was very popular). One child has really taken this on and has been walking round with a clipboard permanently attatched to his arm for two weeks! Instead of asking if they like porridge he has been asking them if they like light sabers which is great as he has gained a lot of confidence approaching the other children and asking them, but What I really wanted to ask you fabulous people is how do I more forward with his interest in star wars? He often comes up to me and quizzes me on the friends of Obi wan kenobi which he delights in if I get it right!


Thanks for reading


Trasong :o

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I don't know enough about the subject, but that is fine as he is the expert.


Maybe he could write down some of his quizes?

Top Trumps?

Designing and making light sabres, space ships etc etc etc

costumes for dressing up

using small world figures to act out scenes - even better if these can be videoed or photographed, especially if it is by the children themselves.


What are his learning needs at the moment - you said that the survey had helped him gain confidence, what else do you want him to be moving forwad with while his is exploring ths passion for Star Wars?

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Our Star Wars mad little one (2.5 years) has been making the spaceships they use in the films with junk modelling materials. This has been good for his physical development and also his CLLD and PSED as he has been talking about the model and showing others how he has made them, whereas usually he is quite a solitary player. He has also developed problem solving skills in trying to find and use the resources to make them resemble the space craft he was making. I'd also be interested in any other idea anyone might have though as I don't know enough about the subject, despite being told about it by my own son!

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