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Hi All,


I have my final placement observation next week for my PGCE and need to do an interesting Chinese New Year activity with my reception class. I have free reign in any area of learning but have totally run out of original ideas and head is spinning.

I am being observed for a 20 min lesson and although I know this is not the way it should be in Rec, I am in a placement so I have to play the game.


Anyone have any ideas as feeling TOTALLY frazzled :-)





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hi qu1dzy, good luck with the observation!


There could be a lot you could do with this depending on what objectives you want to cover. I went from a kuw angle with nursery.


I have attatched the lesson plan below I think! The kids loved it although some did get a bit aprehensive about falling off the magic carpet lol.



I used chinese/english name translation to translate the children's names to chinese then i blew it up to A3 size and traced over it with paint as a follow up activity, make a large scale .


You could also make stirfry, talk about the great race make a game small/large scale make a large scale dragon to do a dragon dance later on. If you decide on what area you want to focus on i might be able to think of a few more ideas.

Trasong :o

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Spent the last 2 hours searching online but your ideas are fab.

I think I will go for a KUW approach about the dragon and then have the focus activity as making one. Then have the follow up lesson with the dragon dance.


Slight less panic now



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HI I am doing Chinese New year with my reception class this week and have done the chinese name thing using the online generator-took a while for me to draw out their names but they loved painting over them. We have also decorated a selection of boxes (1 of which I cut into to make the dragon's head) and we will later in the week join them together in a line and have a go at making a massive dragon by adding lengths of fabric under which they will all fit (hopefully) and they will have a go at a dragon dance. Also put out for child initiated this week are chop sticks and a variety of items for them to practice picking up (in a tuff spot) a challenge to make a lantern out of red paper, tangrams on my maths table and a investigation table with a range of items eg chinese coins, dressing up clothes, photos of food, etc their challenge in the construction area is to build a dragon. On my writing table I put red envelopes for them to make happy new year cards and gold paper for them to cut out coins to go in with the cards.

For my maths lesson today I used a powerpoint i found on tes connect telling the stoy of how the years came to be named after animals and introducing ordinal numbers and I had children acting out the story and we put them in order of how they crossed the river.I would attach it but my stick is at school.


I hope your observation goes well


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I did the exact same for my maths today with the TES powerpoint! Then children did their own races, they loved it.Yesterday I modelled using the role-play (chinese restaurant) and the children had to write the order for the food! It was great fun.

Even if you are being observed for 20 mins, you can just work with a group of children and the rest can access the provision, attach your plan for your provision too. This is what I did for my PGCE observations. Good luck!


I am going to make a dragon with my class and do a dragon dance, I did this last year and it was fantastic so there are so many possibilities! x

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My year r's are also doing Chinese new year and today we completed a lovely activity on the computer. If you go to Kent ed, click on 'games' then 'make and do' there is an activity for the children to make their own lucky money pouch. They have to find the letters for their name, identify words such as 'rabbit' and then enter the details of their own Chinese zodiac animal. Once printed the children have to cut it out then fold and stick it to make the pouch. I haven't explained it very well and it's much easier than I have described it. They really enjoyed doing it - I modelled it first and they were able to access it independently.

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