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Hi Guys.

Here i am back to that old chestnut of planning again.

We are beginning to develop a system of planning following the childrens interests,we are using the childrens suggestions & our observations to develop a loose weekly plan.The children are still able to take activities in their own direction or access other things entirely it just gives us a starting point.We are currently linking to the EYFS but we only have a few children in that stage my question is what do i link it too for the rest of our children who are aged up to 11?

Any help out there?



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I am not one hundred percent sure but I think it isonly the EYFS children who you need to "plan for".


I manage an after school club and my staff show an awareness of the EYFS for the little ones and have a weekly plan that shows each area is covered but thats it.

After a long day in nursery they should be free to do whatever they want at the end of the day even if thats curling up in a bean bag with the DVD player and a cartoon!!


As for the others we have a different activity every day which the children CAN choose to do but don't have to!

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Thanks Scarlettangel,

I agree they should be able to chose and they most definetly do in our club!The plan is more to develop a starting point on which resources to put out.We find this especially important as several staff work part time doing different days so may not know what the children enjoyed the day before!It just feels abit strange only linking to EYFS when the club is for all our children all as important as each other.

Thanks Biker

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I too also find it starnge that we do everything for the EYFS children that are in theminority for our school club. We also plan loosely using the 6 areasof learning for EYFS children but they get whatever they like out!

And it always makes me laugh when we do parent/child questionnaires. The children want to watch more TV the parents want them to watch less!!

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I hope you don't mind me jumping in. Planning is enough to push anyone over the edge!!

I am trying to assist our schools club with their planning. We get conflicting info from everyone we talk too. They have said they have to have a core provision which is out everyday and then an enhanced provison to enhance the core provision.......arghhhhhhhhh!!

I think what the children access daily within the club is great (they seem happy enough) and the staff work so hard to ensure the children have fun.


Has anyone got a planning format that works and links into EYFS. I would love to have look as it will save me some time.


Please help.



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Simple is the best!


I have in our breakfast and after school club 5 folders.


1. Administration with every day forms e.g. risk assessment, daily check list etc.


2. Planning (attachment) – Folder on display for parents to look if they wish with load of pictures in.

I have 2 staff and each of us is doing 1 focused, adult led activity each week regarding to topic and children ideas, suggestions. Diffrent day each week.


3. Key group folder, where each child has a pocket and we putting observation, likes, favourite things etc. More info is attached about children under 5, like meeting with teacher, outcomes, evidence linked to EYFS


4. User folder


5. SEF


A lot of things on display like snack menu, key group, children’s work etc.


What do you think?





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Hi Maggie


Many thanks for this. I love the long term plan!!

I am a huge fan of folders. Can I ask you to please clarify a few things.


SEF ~ I have been told as we are attached to a school, we do not need one?


User folder ~ what is it?


Other wise I think I am getting there slowly!!


AM x

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Hi guys, I am running a 20 place Afterschool Club. I will be inspected this autumn( hoping to). We leave the activities loose as it is afterschool. Did not know that we need Planning and Observations like we do in the nursery.


I think it is ridiculous that we have to  observations for reception and year 1 kids after a whole day at school 
I have few questions

1) do we need individual folders like in nursery to show observations and learning journals
2 ) Can somebody please share weekly  planning sheets. 
3) From 4pm - 5:30 pm how do we do the focussed planning for journals, can somebody please advice


please help guys


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