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I have been using Letters and Sounds for the past term and after watching an example lesson have realised that I need a much more active and fun teaching style for my phonics sessions.


It would be really helpful if you could share your favourite phonics game/activity with me to build on what I am already doing.


Thank you

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Candy here are some ideas from a course for Phase one but can be adapted


Practical Activities for Letters and Sounds


Singing Phonics Phase One by Helen McGregor and Cath Birt

Nursery Rhyme CD

It's Raining! It's Pouring! We're Exploring! And The Ding Dong Bag by Polly Peters and Jess Stockham

Books like The Little Puffin book of rhymes


Water trays / Washing up liquid ¬- to play in the water and listen to the sounds they hear. Using straws blow into the water what do you hear? Are all sounds the same? Add washing up liquid and blow do the sounds change? Do the bubbles change?


Table tennis balls – put the balls in the water and blow with the straws what is happening to your mouth? Put the table tennis balls on the table and blow is there a difference?



Sponges – drop the sponge in the water does it make a sound? Can you find a way to make sounds with the sponge?


Empty bottles – fill with water and then pour out what can you hear as you fill and you pour?


Nail brushes / washing up brushes play again in and out of the water.

Large paint brushes – domestic type


Potato peelers / twigs nearly cut from bushes – whittle with the potato peelers what sound can you hear? What sounds can you make with the stick once you have a point?


Teach the following games and songs ( Singing Phonics has a song for each Aspect) from each of the Aspects in Phase One.


Aspect 1- socks and shakers (+discuss how to adapt)

Aspect 2- Grandmothers footsteps

Aspect 3- Supersingers (from Singing Phonics)

Aspect 4- Easy peasy (from Singing Phonics)

Aspect 5- Musical corners

Aspect 6- Aspect 6- It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, We’re Exploring (story book)

Aspect 7- Cross the river


And I am attaching some word documents with ideas collated after several training session I hope they will be useful.





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