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Water Play In Winter


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Just wonder what will count as water play at the moment. A couple of weeks ago when it was raining every day we put lots of containers in the empty water tray and the children placed these around the area to catch the rain. We also drew round puddles with chalk and watched to see if the puddles got smaller or bigger. We dropped powder paint into the puddles and looked at the colours mixing.


Last week it was dry, but really cold. We had water in the water tray and the guttering etc. but of course the water went onto the playground and froze! The area then became dangerous - its our infant playground at dinner time.


What does everyone else do?

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water in buckets with brushes


washing up in the sink


dolls in baby bath type thing (inside)


water play inside on a small scale - in small trays rather than water tray


playing in the rain itself

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If its a rainy day I put out the dry tuff spot with some ducks from the indoor water tray. The children love to try and catch/find/collect enough water to make a pond so the ducks can float.


Umbrellas and raincoats and just dance!


Drain pipe casade with balls with a big bucket of water at the bottom with small bucket to scoop and carry to the top.


errr.... :o sunday night so thats all your gunna get

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