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Space And Children Numbers Query


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Hi all

We were registered for 40 to use a classroom with kitchenette, small library and the hall (not sure if they include the outside playground but would think not) In actual fact the hall is sometimes not available to club as the school use it for other activities.

Last year we added an extra room to our registration with oFSTED. This room is on school site but is across the playground in another, older building. They increased our numbers by 8 because of this. Does this mean that really we can only have 8 children in there? With not being able to use the hall sometimes, not able to go outside as dark we have been using this extra room although still only taking a max of 40 children. 'the extra room has possibly had about 14-15 children in their with the rest in the other class. This has meant 2 staff in small room and 3 in the other. If we increased to 48 children and are only really allowed 8 children in the extra room this means 2 staff with those and then 5 staff in the other room = 7! Not sure we can afford that.

Plus do0 we need a lev 3 in each classroom as they are different buildings?

Any views?



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I might be wrong but I think they work out the number of children based on a ratio on the amount of space as a whole. Eg total number of square metres/number of children. This also includes number of toilets etc. Think it is up to you being sensible and your risk assessments as to how you divide your staff and children between the space. Sorry don't have anything official to back this up.

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suebear is right - children are allocated x square meters each - guidelines are in EYFS. And yes you need a level 3 in each room plus one other member of staff as a minimum and so many thereafter to account for ratios.

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