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Does anybody know of a good catalogue which has equipment for special needs, in particular feeding equipment-such as knives, forks and cups etc. Two of my staff are doing their NVQ level 3 and need examples. I have looked everywhere but can't find anything.



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Hi, Steve suggested that I might be able to help regarding resources for special needs.


I work in a special school with physically and mentally handicapped children, and when we need things like feeding implemets etc. we always consult with our Occupational Therapist who can also order the things that she suggests would be best for the individual child.


If you can get an OT to visit and suggest something suitable, that would be the best option. She may also get if for you without cost.


I will speak to our OT next Tuesday when she comes and ask her to recommend a good catalogue.


I'll get back to you on that one.


best wishes,


Rosie Jackson. :)

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Hi Linda

Sorry reply is a little late, but sooooo busy at the moment. :o

I know of two catalogues which specialise in equipment for special needs - ROMPA www.rompa.com and WINSLOW www.winslow-cat.com

For cutlery we tend to use mainstream cutlery and attached sponge/foam to he handles using pipe insulator. It's cheaper than pre-made!

Hope this is helpful

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As promised, I asked our occupational Therapist which catalogue she tended to use for feeding implements.


She has suggested that you try NRS (Nottingham Rehab Supplies) Which have a variety of things to make life easier for the disabled, feeding cooking and kitchen implements start at page 117.


The address is Nottingham Rehab Supplies,

Ashby de la Zouch,


LE65 1NZ.


Tel: 0845 120 4522


Web site: www.nrs-uk.co.uk e maill: nrscustomerservice@nrs-uk.co.uk


They also have an occupational therapy product advisory helpline,

01530 418222.



I hope this helps.


Rosie Jackson.

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Thank you Sue and Rosie-I will pass this info onto my staff. It would be a nice idea to use "home made" utensils as well as specialist ones. They could put this into thier portfolios.

Thanks once again.


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