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Good Afternoon,


It seems like im suddenly on here all the time, lots of inspiration....love it!


Just looking for some extension ideas for next weeks planning board in two areas .....


children are LOVING playing in the dark with torches and glowsticks....any ideas how we could extend this interest next week?


also, a strong interst of our children at the moment is that of pulleys and cranes and basically the transporting of objects around the room! We have taken this outside and set up activities with string whereby the children pull the string to allow buckets to be passed to each other........we have done similar activities inside but now running a bit low on inspiration for next week....


its friday....my brain is dying......!!!!!

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we have just finished our week on dark the children loved it - here are a few things we did - we made puppets out of black card and made shadows by making a screen with a sheet and shining torches (hope that makes sense) we also looked at van goghs starry night to explore the night time colours then recreated our own pictures (has made a lovely display!) hope this helps x

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