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Staff Troubles - Advice Needed Please


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Bit of rant too lol!!!


I have a staff member who also has another job, like myself, however, if they need her then she will ring me and explain that she can't come in for that morning. Now she is employed by us from 8:45 to 12:45 though in her favour she is usually there from 8 am. Her afternoon job is between 3 and 5 days a week - varies depending on needs of other job.


Now she used to bring the sick children in to our setting and after speaking to committee they stopped this. Now she doesn't get paid either if she is off because of her other job.


My dilema is I am in the process of completing my EYPs -final weeks and HAVE to attend my Uni dates. Were already short staffed and having manic days at work.


I don't know how to approach the committee with this or explain the importance of her being in - she is deputy so if i'm off she has to be in if not we have to close.


I am stressing out only because of Uni and my EYPS but even then I think this is an on going issue that needs addressed and dealt with sooner rather than later and a solution found now too.


Any advice would be very greatly appreciated please

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If she is contracted to work for you for those hours daily she has no right to assume it will be ok to drop those and go to her other job - she isn't satifying the terms of her contract ! As for sick children in setting ( assume they were her's ) thats a definate no-no - glad you stopped that one. I suggest you tell her how it is , you need her there when she is meant to be there as you have important stuff to get done for your EYPS - if she disagrees or states she is unable or unwilling to do this then sorry if this sounds harsh but I would consider giving her notice , if she can't meet what she has committed to do then your better off without her IMO. It would increase your stress short term as you would need a replacement ( maybe another staff member acting up till you can recruit a new deputy) or even agency - they have senior staff on thier books also - seek advice from your Advisory staff or Ofsted. But am sure if you tell the committee how it is they will support you , especially as they must have employed her in the first place. Do you get funded for your EYPS through your LA - is part of that funding ( the bit from CWDC maybe ) not meant to cover supply cover ? Hope it sorts itself soon for you . :o

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Not her children- she is a nanny so it's her other employees children.


Hmmm I am seriously thinking of approaching committee and asking if they can have my assistant down as needing to step up if it does happen. She is fab and more reliable too.


Hmmm tomorrow shall be fun lol


Thanks for the reply will speak to Ofsted too

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