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One of parents bought this booklet into our setting today that she found on the internet when searching for ideas to help her child with problems with soiling. I wondered if anybody had heard of it and how successful it was?


Haven't used it not sure I would BUT I found it funny!!!! :o I think I personally may of used it on a one to one with MY own child but not in pre-school, parents maybe offended



Made me giggle!!!!

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There's a lovely story called 'everybody poos' by Taro Gomi, which I was recommended on here I think for my own son. You can get it on Amazon and it's more of a 'real' book so might not upset the parents.


The website www.eric.org.uk is also a great source of advice.

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Thanks for your replies.


Some months ago I downloaded and gave the parent a copy of the information on soiling from the ERIC website. The health visitor is involved. However, the problem is still ongoing. I guess parents become desperate, it must be very difficult if you are coping with this problem on a daily basis.


Whillst I'm not intending to use this at our setting I'm pleased the parent felt able to share something she has found, rather than it being a one-way street, so that we could be aware of it should her child mention 'poo land' whilst in our care and perhaps reinforce the message if appropriate. It seems as if it is designed to be lighthearted which could perhaps remove some of the pressure on parent and child.


It reminds me of the Mr Tongue story to support children's speech develoment which also has a home-made appearance.


I'll take a look at book you recommend Suzie, thanks.


Thanks for the

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