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Can anybody please give me some pointers on evidence I could use for EYCLO 10 on the Open Uni course E215?


Thankyou in advance, any help gratefully appreciated x

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Hi chickencurry


I am having a break from trying to write the tma and am now focusing on the EYCLO's.


If you look in the Assessment guidance (at the back in the appendices) it has a grid for each Block of the course which gives some suggestions as what course activities can be used for evidence for all the EYCLO's. I am having to use this grid quite a lot as my new job isn't providing the evidence I need.

For EYCLO 10 - Enable children to participate confidently and effectively in activities

What about an IEP (individual Education Plan), or individual planning sheet for 10.1

For 10.2 Notes taken from E115 may be useful if you have done this course

Observations of children for 10.3

or an extract from your Ofsted report if it is within recent timescale?


I am struggling with evidence for EYCLO 11 - but will start another post to see if anyone can help me.

Hope you manage to get a little more help.

Keep in touch.

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