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Hi all - Happy new year!

Am trying to get back into the swing of planning again and we have decided to go with the icy theme seeing as all the children were mad about snow and ice before christmas!

I want to expand this by looking at maps of the world and the arctic and antarctic etc. I really want an interactive map I can use on the smart board and I am sure there must be something out there but for the life of me cant find anything.

Do you lovely people have any ideas please?

Ems x

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I am a childminder and care for some children who are aged 5+.


They are fascinated with following this blog at the moment - http://nejsantarcticantics.blogspot.com/.


It is written by the husband of another childminder and he has promised to be careful what he writes!




What a fantastic job. If I wasn't a teacher.....


Have you thpught about using Google Earth? we have it downloaded on our computer at school and you can fly around the world easily...

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