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Outdoor Area Blank Canvas :-)


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Just looking for some ideas for our new concrete space.

want things like playhouses, wheeled cars, kitchen etc

we can have a play thing e.g. boat, car etc if we want


just interested in some of your fab areas

including low cost good ideas e.g. crates and wooden planks etc


Looking forward to hearing all about your great outdoors areas

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Our concrete area isnt very big so we do not have space for a house (or wheeled toys to be out continually).


We have a sand tyre, various water trays, crates, wooden planks, and boxes of wheels, bricks, construction vehicles, plastic bottles, a box of home corner stuff such as plates, cups etc.


We also have a blackboard along one wall and perspex along another for painting.


Theres a trolley of pens/ paper etc and a little tikes plastic bench.


We also use lots of blankets/ sheets/ duvet covers/ pieces of material to help the children create areas and dens.


Along the wooden fence we try at various time of the year to grow something!!


Not sure if this helps you or not! :o

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This sounds fab- really want to make this a great area for the children to use so do not want to mess it up. The more ideas the better. tHANK YOU VERY MUCH

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We set up a new outdoor play area from scratch this summer and it has been a great success. We have a small undercover area and square playground with soft tarmac with a blue river/track painted on it.


Permanent features include a wooden train, a large sandpit with tarpaulin cover, a large water tray, a smaller 'materials' tray, a Little Tykes playhouse (very popular), some large tyres, and easels. We also have 2 tricycles, 1 scooter and 2 pull along trucks which are 'parked' in numbered bays. There are a selection of logs of various sizes, planks of wood, guttering and plastic crates.


We also add extra things each week like small world stuff, cars, sand toys, hoops, cardboard boxes and adapt the playhouse into different role play themes.

Hope that helps:)

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I think its best to go for generic items that can become anything...


benches and planks, crates and tyres, tarpaulins, fabric, ropes, pegs, bungy cord I've seen used as garages (with workmans pit!), tents and camping area, fairytale castle, house whereas an expensive wooden house was used to dump toys and was only used once as an ice cream van! I tend to try to back up their ideas with photos and a blackboard to draw and write on, and a few bits of dressing up gear- the favourite being chiffon type scarves that they could wear as skirts or dresses or flying capes.


Would highly recommend a stage of some kind for dancing/ acting/ role play and outdoor power point for a CD player. Ours had poles on each corner so you could add streamers for windy weather or curtains for puppet theatre play.


Farm tractor tyres make great cheap sand pits/ planters.


Our big problem has been cold from the concrete floor- old carpets go some way to allowing children who want to sit down to do so.

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Thanks everyone. A guy came the other day and it sounds like we have loads of money (accordeing to what head has said!) however i want the idea that the children can take and adapt their play so really want things like crates, planks stage etc. So the amount of money does not really matter. just want to make a good job of it.

Does anyone have a sensory area?

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