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Hello everyone I am currently a foundation teacher who has just been appointed as the RE co ordinator! Does any one have any tips or suggestions which would be helpful as i feel that i am stabbing in the dark at the moment. I need to audit the teachers on the curriculum currently being taught in the form of a questionnaire. Does anyone have any suggestions as to questions i could ask?

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Hi there Suk, Having come across your email rather late in the day but I might be able to help. I am an RE specialist and FS teacher ! :)

You will need Your Locally Agreed Syllbus ( as others have pointed out)

QCA's non Statutory RE document ( recently out - I am involved in re-writing our Agreed Syllabus in line with it at present - we haven't had a copy in school - I presume it is avaliable on line but I haven't checked.)

Your local syllabus may have accompanying schemes of work

Your LEA advisor or curriculum support teacher will be your best source of information.

If you are a Church school you may have a Diocesan Education Officer too. We are able to buy into the services our local Diocese offer.

You could order RE Today ( tri yearly full of up to date information and sources- magazine publication)

Articles of Faith are a great source of artefacts

As starter questions find out what the unitsof work are that they cover. How many faiths do they cover ( our syllabus states Christianity and one other at KS 1 and Xsty and 2 others at Key stage 2 / is there consistency in the faiths covered over KS groups? What celebrations do they address (look for a range not all year groups doing Divali - if Divali is covered more than once is theri a progression in teachign and learning?) Are attainment targets 1 and 2 covered equally ( Knowledge and Understanding about religions / reflection and response to religion - these may be a different way round , you need to check your Local syllabus) What do teachers feel least confident in teaching? Often this is the reflection and response element Do the children have opportunity to visit local places of worship or religious significance? Do they handle artefacts. Is there a range of responses to RE ( a work scrutiny would give you a feel for what is covered) - does it include written work in different genres, creative responses ( inlcuding photographic work of drama, dance, role play.) Is ICT incorporated? A useful starting place for RE links and general information is http://re-xs.ucsm.ac.uk - this site will provide lots of links to many other worth while RE sites. Can you find out what your syllabus says in End of Key stage statments - can you gather a group of Year 2 and Year 6 children( if applicable) and question them on their RE knowledge, their attitudes to the subject and experiences to date. These activities should begin to give you an idea of the type of RE the children and teachers are involved in and should give you ideas for the way forward. Hope this helps.

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